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The DC Guy

Location: Washington DC
Occupation: Lobbyist
Favorite Movies:

Hunt for Red October, Star Wars, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Favorite TV Shows:

Law and Order, the History Channel (yes, all of it), Gilmore Girls (STFU)

Favorite Books:

Theodore Rex (Edmund Morris), anything by Tom Clancy, 1984, The Prince, the Aubrey/Maturin Series (Patrick O'Brian)

Favorite Music:

Country, but I listen to anything.

Favorite Games:

Star Wars Galaxies; World of Warcraft; Civ 3

Most Frequented Websites:,,,,,,,

Source for News:

Internet, print, television, horse's mouth.

Dream Vacation:

Month long trip to Europe

Motto for Life:

Honor, Courage, Commitment.

Do Before Death:

Sign a bill into law.