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Why we all need to see Rambo III one more time

Scott Manning
January 20, 2002

Director: Peter MacDonald
Release Date: 1988
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rambo3 (7k image)Rambo III - why would I bring up Rambo III? This trilogy starring Sylvester Stallone features a one-man army taking on anyone and anything in any part of the world. The one thing that sets Rambo III apart from the other Rambo's is that it takes place in Afghanistan.

Rambo travels to this middle-Asian country to save his life long trainer and friend. While there, he finds himself in the middle of the Russian-Afghan war. Having no other friends, Rambo teams up with the struggling Afghans to fight the Russians.

As opposed to being just another shabby one-man army movie, Rambo III actually goes a little deeper. Much of the Afghan culture, people, and determination are displayed in this movie.

Recently, the news has chronicled the return of the Afghan game, buzkashi, in which two teams fight over the body of a goat or calf. This game is played in this movie.

We have all seen the Afghan people determined to fight off the Taliban. In this movie, we see that same determination fighting off the Communist Russians.

It is worth watching this movie purely to gain a better understanding of the war, people, and culture in Afghanistan.

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